Community Guidelines


Playback is dedicated to providing a safe way for creators and users to interact and watch sports content. Playback strives to provide positive experiences for our creators and users, and in order to achieve that goal, we do not permit certain types of content on our platform.

These Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) are meant to ensure that our creators and users stay protected. Any capitalized term used herein but not defined in these Guidelines shall have the meaning in our Terms of Use.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account, or remove any content, without notice for violation of these Guidelines, or which might otherwise be offensive, illegal, or might violate the rights of, harm, or threaten the safety of other users of the Services.

Rules for Using Playback

Playback does not permit the following categories of content on our platform:

Explicit content: Content featuring or promoting nudity, pornography, the depiction of sexual acts, or fetishes that are meant for sexual gratification.

Real violence: Content that portrays or promotes real death, kidnappings or abductions, mutilation, or gore; depictions of scenes where it is commonly known that an individual was killed, physically assaulted, kidnapped or mutilated; or content that depicts, documents, condones, attempts to justify, attempts to motivate or glorify any violent crimes, including any related footage of people known to be the perpetrators of such crimes.

Self-harm: Content that encourages or promotes self-harm or that negatively targets victims or survivors of self-harm and suicide, including depictions of activities or behavior that encourage suicide, self-mutilation, or eating disorders.

Threats and stalking: Content that threatens an individual’s or group’s safety; content that promotes, coordinates, or encourages harm and would cause a reasonable person fear or emotional distress.

Hate: Content that depicts or targets a group or person based upon their race, religion, gender, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, disease or sexual orientation with violent, demeaning or belittling images or messages; content that promotes hurtful racial stereotypes against the foregoing groups; symbols, logos, or other identifiers associated with hate groups.

Terrorism and violent extremism: Content that promotes, supports, encourages, or celebrates terrorist organizations or violent extremists, their leaders, or associated activities; content that shows real scenes of death, including documentation or depictions of acts of terrorism and violent extremism; symbols, logos, or other identifiers associated with terrorists, violent extremist groups or violent extremists.

Bullying and harassment: Content that bullies or harasses individuals.

Disasters and tragedies: Content that can be used to diminish or exploit the suffering or deaths of a group of people or individuals.

Misinformation: Content that perpetuates harmful conspiracy theories or misinformation. Playback defines misinformation as claims that have been established as false by external subject-matter experts, or claims that include medical or safety information that is shared in a deceptive or confusing manner. This includes content that diminishes the suffering of others, motivates or coordinates violent or hateful actions, promotes miracle cures, or threatens public health or safety.

Illegal activity: Content that promotes illegal or fraudulent activities or violent crimes, including content that may deceive, defraud or exploit others for money or property, child sexual abuse material, and content that exploits, sexualizes, or fetishizes minors.

Private information: Content that reveals any private data about another person. This includes, but is not limited to, information such as addresses, phone numbers, and passwords.

Spam: Any content that is posted in an effort to disrupt the normal user experience or circumvent Playback’s Services is not permitted.

Intellectual Property: Content that violates another party's intellectual property rights. You should only upload content that you’ve created yourself or have the rights to use. Review Playback’s DMCA Copyright Policy for more information.

Disparagement: Any content that disparages, demeans, or reflects adversely upon the professional or personal reputation of any sports league, team, player, or team personnel.

False Endorsement: Any content that creates the false impression of a commercial relationship or other association between you or any other party and any sports league, team, player, or team personnel.

Promotion of Products or Services: Any content that promotes any product or service.